Who is Benjamin Fulford?

It is a common misconception that Benjamin Fulford is a conspiracy theorist, which he is not. In fact, Fulford is actually a former writer for Forbes magazine, which is a publication that pushes the government’s agenda with its articles.

He constantly expresses his opinions on the direction our world is heading and has stated that he will not be silenced for his opinions.

About Benjamin Fulford:

There are several conjectures about the real identity of the strange Benjamin Fulford, yet the mainstream media goes on stating that he is “a Canadian journalist born in Canada in 1961.

He is commonly referred to as a conspiracy theory philosopher and also an ex-chief editor of Forbes in Japan.”.

I believe the genuine identification of Benjamin Fulford is a Japanese resident that lawfully obtained Japanese citizenship, and also who presently lives in Tokyo, Japan.


Although there is no much information on his very early education and learning, Benjamin sought a Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Researches, China Location specialty. He studied at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.


Fulford has over twenty years of experience as a professional writer and journalist. He has sold dozens of books written in Japanese. 

You might be wondering how the Canadian-born journalist writes his books in Japanese, which is not his native language. Fulford understands Japanese. Benjamin seems to have learned the Japanese language, which is vital to him reach his target audience. 
Benjamin has produced a comprehensive catalog ranging from business to yakuza gangsters to high finance and government corruption. However, he currently focuses on exposing the U.S and manipulating Japanese politics, media, brainwashing, and murder.


From 1982 to 1985, Benjamin did part-time tasks while he was still a pupil. He functioned as an editor of “Hitachi Testimonial,” scientific research and also innovation publication.

In between 1986 and 1989, he was the contributor for “Knight-Ridder Financial News,” which covered a broad range of market-related news. Fulford took a sabbatical in Canada and also researched the link between evolutionary pressures and contemporary global culture in 1993-1995.

From 1995 to 1997, he was the Team writer for the “Nikkei Weekly” and also the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” newspapers. Later in 1998, he was Tokyo’s correspondent for the “South China Morning Post.”

In between 1998 and 2005, Fulford was the Eastern Bureau principal of the Forbes publication. Fulford declares to have actually stopped Forbes in extensive disgust over considerable business censorship as well as mingling of content and also advertising and marketing at the magazine.

From 2005 to today, he has actually published over 15 publications in Japanese with a collective of over 500,000 duplicates. He appears in various television programs and also has a two-hour program every week.

Fulford’s interesting Conspiracy Theories:

According to Wikipedia access, Benjamin asserts that AIDS, as well as SARS, are bioengineered weapons developed to reduce the Eastern population.

Benjamin says that “Chinese key culture with a membership of 6 million including 1.8 million gangsters and 100.000 specialist assassins has released a warning to Illuminati to advise them if they continue with their plan to depopulate the planet they will be stopped.”

He further states a modern male gave him a Freemason’s badge and informed him either he joins them or be killed.

Besides, Fulford has actually discussed earthquakes being intentionally developed and making use of HAARP technology as a weapon.

He arrived on the internet as well as in conspiracy theory theories in 2007 considering that he procured an in-depth David Rockefeller.

In the exact same interview, Rockefeller supplied a harmful last offer on the elite to step down peacefully or encounter the effects. Benjamin Fulford states that all he wishes to do is “conserve the earth.” He has great suggestions on exactly how to get this done!

Net Worth:

Benjamin Fulford’s total assets are approximated at $400,000.

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