Rocket Offer 2021:Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking

Today you will know Rocket offers 2021 in detail. To further complement the mobile banking platform, Dutch Bangla Bank has launched a new mobile banking service called Rocket for the public at all levels. Hmm! Rocket is an online banking service developed by Dutch Bangla Bank. With Rocket, you can easily sit on one end of the country and exchange money with anyone on the other end very easily. Moreover, there are opportunities to make and receive various online payments.

Rocket’s popularity and the number of users are increasing day by day because Rocket has come up with new offers for its users. In today’s article, we will discuss Rocket Offer 2021 in detail. We will discuss here the offer of all new and old accounts of Rocket. So if you are a rocket user, this post is for you because you will know Rocket offers 2021 in detail.

Rocket New Account Offer

In order to increase customer service, Rocket is now offering the facility to open an account at home. Yes, you can easily open a Rocket account at home now; you don’t have to go anywhere. Furthermore, with Rocket Mobile Apps, you can easily open a Rocket account and receive a Tk 25 bonus offer.

To get this offer, install Rocket Apps on your phone and open a new account through it. Then provide all the information of the account and activate the account by uploading your NID card. Once your account is activated, you will get a bonus of Tk 25 within 24 hours, and you can transfer money through your account.

Rocket Merchant payment offer

Rocket has come up with a Merchant Payment facility to make online shopping more accessible and more enjoyable. This means that you can pay for or take the product online through Rocket. Not only that, to make Rocket Merchant Payment more popular, Rocket has now offered 50% cashback for new users.

This means you can enjoy 50% cashback if you pay for a product on a website through your Rocket account. In addition, special discounts are offered for online payments on different websites at different times. In this case, you can enjoy a 5-50% discount offer through Rocket Merchant Payment on various websites. So if you don’t have a rocket account, create a rocket account today.

Rocket Recharge Offer

Rocket offers great mobile recharge offers for its newly registered users. Now the newly registered Rocket users will get 50% cashback if they recharge their mobile to their number. In other words, if you have opened a new account at Rocket and recharge taka 20 in your mobile phone to your number, you will get a cashback of 10 takas.

You can only accept this offer once. However, in this case, the essential thing is that you have to recharge your number, that is, the number by which the rocket account has been opened. Then you can enjoy this offer.

Rocket Bill Pay Offer

Payment of any bill is now more accessible through Rocket. With Rocket, you can pay gas bills, water bills, and many other bills in addition to electricity bills. Rocket is offering a 50% cashback offer on bill payments. However, he will have to pay the bill from the new account. This means that if you make a new registration on Rocket and pay any bill using that account, you will be able to enjoy a 50% cashback offer.

Final Thought

So this was the detail of Rocket Offer 2021 today. You can enjoy any of the offers mentioned above. However, Rocket or Dutch Bank authorities may change, extend or cancel this offer at any time. So register on Rocket Account today to enjoy these offers.If you need more about bd mobile banking service please visit


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