Bkash new account offer 2021|বিকাশ নতুন অ্যাকাউন্ট অফার 2021[May]

Bkash is a very popular and easy way to transact money online. With bKash, you can send money from any part of Bangladesh to any location very easily and quickly. Moreover, you can receive online payments by using bKash Payment Gateway. we talk about the Bkash offer 2021

Development by BRAC Bank bKash offers an easy-to-use money transfer service. Today we will discuss in detail the offer of bKash in this article. So read the full article to know about all the new bKash offer.

bKash new account offer 2021

If you are not a bKash user or you do not have an account on the bKash service platform, then you can open a new account in bKash very easily. Bkash offers a wide range of benefits to its new users with a variety of offers. Below is a description of bKash new account offer 2021

  • If you open a new account and log in to the app, you will get a bonus of Tk 50.
  • 20 taka bonus if you log in to the app for the first time.
  • If you log in to the app three times in the 1st week, 10 taka bonus.
  • Bonus up to Tk 15 if you recharge your mobile in the 2nd week.
  • If you play the quiz in the 3rd week and give the correct answer, 10 taka bonus.
  • If you send 15 takas in the 4th week, you will get a 15 taka bonus.
  • 25 taka bonus on any transaction in the 5th week.
  • 30 taka bonus if paid in the 6th week.
  • If you pay the bill in the 8th week, you will get a bonus of 35 takas.
  • 40 taka bonus on any transaction in the 8th week.

bKash Send Money Offer

A bKash customer can add up to 5 bKash customer account numbers [not an agent or merchant number] as favorite numbers in a calendar month. There will be no charge for sending money of 100 takas or below to any number of bKash App and USSD (by dialing * 246 #). There will be no charge for sending money to favorite numbers up to taka 25,000 per calendar month.

From taka 25,000.01 to taka 50,000 per month, a charge of taka 5 per transaction will be applicable for the preferred number. If the monthly transaction on the preferred number is more than taka 50,000, a charge of 10 takas will be appropriate for each transaction. A customer can have a maximum of 5 favorite numbers at any given moment.

The ‘Send Money to Favorite Number’ feature will be available on both the bKash app and USSD (dial * 246 #) channels. There will be no charge for sending money from taka 0.01 to 15,000 per month on any number other than the favorite number.

bKash Add Money offer

In its app’s ‘Ad Money’ feature, Bkash offer three cashback deals ranging from 50 to 500 taka. Customers will be able to make free transfers from their Visa and MasterCard-branded debit cards to a bKash account at any time of day or night.

Customers who use the ‘Ad Money’ function of the bKash app for the first time and spend 1,000 takas or more from Visa or MasterCard’s account or any other bKash account will receive taka 100 in cashback. During the campaign, a customer can only receive cashback once. Within 2-3 working days of the transaction, the cash balance will be deposited into the customer’s account.

bKash cashback offer

bKash offers exclusive cashback offers for users. All bKash customers will be able to enjoy these offers very quickly. Bikash has now opened various instances of money-back offers for purchasing products from various shopping malls or online stores. You can accept the money-back offer when making payments using bKash. Let’s take a look at a list of different development cashback offers from different companies.

Company/Shop/Industry Cashback Offers
Bill Pay by Apps(Active) 10-50 TK Cashback
Trendz 15% Cashback
Jakkash 10% Cashback
ShajGoj 20% Cashback
Bishwo Rang 20% Cashback
Daraz 15% Cashback
SaRa 20% Cashback
Kay Kraft 10% Cashback
Styline 10% Cashback
Gentle Park 20% Cashback
The Mall 10% Cashback
Freeland 20% Cashback
Leisfita 15% Cashback
Air Bringr 10% Cashback
Perfee 10% Cashback
Dorjibari 20% Cashback
Selected Pharmacy 5% Cashback

Gp bkash recharge offer

Basically, all SIM users are eligible to get bKash Mobile Recharge offer. There are offers for both short and long term validity recharges for GP SIM users. So, now you are listed with bKash Recharge Offer GP 2021 Recharge amount, offer amount and validity.

Recharge Amount Offer’s Volume Validity
31 Taka 250 MB 3 Days
37 Taka 85 MB 7 Days
38 Taka 2 GB 2 Days
56 Taka 115 MB 30 Days
86 Taka 1 GB 7 Days
104 Taka 1.5 GB 7 Days
129 Taka 2 GB 7 Days
148 Taka 3 GB 7 Days
149 Taka 555 MB 28 Days
179 Taka 4 GB 7 Days
189 Taka 1 GB 28 Days
229 Taka 1538 MB 28 Days
279 Taka 3 GB 28 Days
337 Taka 2.5 GB 28 Days
399 Taka 5 GB 28 Days
427 Taka 3.5 GB 28 Days
609 Taka 6 GB 28 Days
649 Taka 10 GB 28 Days
998 Taka 20 GB 28 Days

bKash recharge offer

  • By opening a bKash account for the first time through bKash apps, you will get a 50 taka bonus on mobile recharge at your number. In this case, you will have to recharge your number. This number refers to the number with which the bKash account has been opened.
  • If you recharge 25 takas twice on your number from bKash apps, you will get 50 taka cashback. In order to avail of this offer, you will need to recharge Tk 25 twice on the number used in your bKash account.
  • Get 50% cashback with bKash on your first three own-number phone recharges, up to BDT 30 each time. The bKash account number is your own number. This promotion is only valid for first-time recharges. Within 48 hours, the cashback will be applied.
  • After 12 BDT recharges, Bkash customers can get 100 percent instant cashback. This bid, however, this bkash offer will not be available to all consumers. bKash will send SMS to qualified users. The choice is also available in the app.
  • For the Robi customer, bKash opened two recharges. Robi users can get 1GB+0.5GB 4G Internet Data for three days if they recharge 41TK from bKash. By recharging 98 TK from bKash, Robi sim bKash users will get 2GB+50Min for a week.
  • Airtel sim users now have an outstanding recharge deal from bKash: if they recharge 59 TK with bKash, they will get 3GB (2GB 3G Data+ 1GB 4G Data) Internet data four days.

bKash pay bill offer

bKash pay bill offer includes bkash Vidyut bill offer and other pay bill offer. Now you can enjoy all the great offers through any bill payment in bKash. bKash recently declared a promotion. If you pay your electricity bill or internet bill via bkash, you can get 100 percent cash back.

Every hour, five people will be chosen for this. In other words, the first five people who pay their energy bill or any different bill via bkash at the start of each hour will get a refund of up to one thousand takas. Below is a list of companies that you can pay your bills through bKash

  1. DESCO [Prepaid]
  2. NESCO
  3. Westzone [Postpaid]
  4. BTCL
  5. DESCO [Postpaid]
  6. Dhaka South City Corporation
  7. Jalalabad Gas
  8. DPDC [Prepaid]
  9. DPDC [Postpaid]
  10. BPDB [Prepaid]
  11. Palli Bidyut [Prepaid]
  12. Sylhet City Corporation

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